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The search for new innovations plays a central role for companies wanting to stay at the forefront of juvenile product design.

Altair works with companies across the world to help achieve their product development objectives through a unique blend of design creativity and in‑depth engineering expertise.

Let us show you how.

"We had a fantastic relationship with Altair. If they had a problem they would keep at it until they had a solution. The intellectual property that we now share is absolutely priceless."

 Iain Powell, European Advanced Engineering Manager, Britax-Römer 

Putting the Human First

In the world of juvenile products there are two very important voices, child and parent. And it’s no secret that Mom and Dad are the primary decision makers when it comes to most purchases. 

Our team knows the value of observing and listening to both parent and child, we pride ourselves on our ability to incorporate what we learn into innovative, safe and viable product solutions.

Good design starts with a solid foundation, with knowledge and understanding at its core. In our research and discovery phase, we align expectations, uncover critical insights and develop effective strategies for achieving project success. We offer:

  • Global Reach 
  • Ethnography 
  • Research & Competitive Audits 
  • Quantitative and Qualitative 
  • Contextual Storyboarding 
  • Human Factors & Ergonomic Studies 
  • Strategic Product Planning

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We believe the fastest way to develop new product ideas into successful designs is with tightly integrated industrial design and engineering teams.  Our 800+ global team utilizes rapid exploration with the use of simulation technology in addition to traditional concept development techniques. This process allows us to rapidly explore design variations to fail fast and succeed quicker.

Develop product ideas into early designs

From first sketches to early CAD or ‘breadboard’ prototypes, our approach is to test early, both virtually and physically, to learn quickly and reduce investment in dead-end ideas.

Use simulation upfront to aid design exploration

Simulation is not just virtual testing. It allows an exploration of design options that cannot be achieved physically within usual program timing and budget constraints.

Improving Child Safety & User Experience

with Simulation

We started out in 1985 as an automotive engineering specialists and although we’ve grown, that focus on quality and safety has stayed with us. Since then, we have become a leader in the development of virtual design solutions that assess safety performance, improve product durability, realize better mechanism efforts, and assist the development of products with a “quality feel.”

Ensure product durability with simulation

A reputation for long lasting products is often an essential part of a strong brand. We use simulation technologies to predict the lifetime of our customers’ products on a daily basis.

Leveraging automotive safety experience

The car industry relies on Altair’s software and services to provide accurate impact simulation. Highly predictive simulation methods can help you develop products faster.

Improve mechanism design and open/close efforts

Our simulation of kinematic and dynamic performance and the synthesis of linkages and mechanisms can save prototypes and enhance product usability.

Better perceived quality through objective measures

Structurally sound isn’t always enough to satisfy demanding customers. “Quality Feel” is based on the surface deflection at touch points. Simulation can help design a better customer experience.

Iain Powell, European Advanced Engineering Manager at Britax-Römer,
discusses his experience of working with Altair

Saving Weight,  Reducing Material Cost

Everybody is seeking cost effective, lightweight designs and shorter development cycles, but a culture of optimization can provide your organization with broader benefits. Optimization technology can inspire new design ideas and provide a common visual language helping design and engineering to communicate.

"The design was right the first time, fulfilling all requirements of the new 

I-size regulations with  a cost-effective design, thanks to a significant reduction of physical testing and prototypes.  Without a CAE-driven design process, this project would not have been possible."

Harold van Aken , CEO and Senior Simulation Engineer of Code, Product Solutions

(Working with Dorel Juvenile)

State-of-the-Art Prototype Facility at your Service

Our 17,000 sq. ft. prototype facility is ready to assist your project builds — whether you need a functional breadboard crafted, an appearance model assembled or prototype parts fabricated. Our facility is equipped to handle projects big and small.  If you’re in need of testing, we do that too. From developing design validation plans, running instrumented tests to staging and observing user testing.

Build prototype parts and assemble appearance models

Sometimes early and ugly is good, but we know you need something that looks production intent sooner or later. Our team is experienced in developing quality prototypes to tight deadlines.

Craft “breadboard” type experimental mules

We also understand the need to get physical fast! Getting a widget into your team’s hands can answer a lot of questions quickly.

Observe and provide insight on informal user testing

Beyond validation criteria, we will also help you measure the product experience. With over 45+ offices in 22 countries worldwide our reach is truly global and cultural understanding acute.

Plan and perform design validation tests

We create test methods, design and build test equipment, perform tests, and obtain the data required to correlate virtual models. Along with our network of partners, we can validate your product both physical and virtually.

Reducing Cost and Improving Performance

Our ability to develop products end to end under one roof with world class Industrial Design and Design Engineering can help you save on both time and money.  

Simulation up front in the development process can help you rapidly explore more options in less time, resulting in shorter development times and cost savings.

What’s Next?

If you'd like to find out more about what we can offer, we've got two options for you. Firstly we've got a technical paper describing our work with  Graco to improve the safety and minimize the weight of a new child seat system. Learn how Altair’s virtual simulation techniques allowed Graco to rapidly explore design variations and find the ideal balance between weight, quality and cost without compromising safety. Alternatively, if you've heard enough and would like to discuss what we could do for you, get it touch with us today.

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